Apple recently added the FXNOW channel to its Apple TV. As the channel name might suggest, itís the on-demand arm of the popular basic cable network FX. The channel will bring shows such as Louie, Sons of Anarchy and American Horror Story to Apple TV users.

It should be noted that users will still need an active cable subscription to stream content. Furthermore, The Simpsons World service, which was previously mentioned to be a part of the FXNOW channel, wasnít made available at press time and it continues to remain unclear whether it will be added sometime in the future.

Up until now, FXNOW has been available to customers only as an iOS app. Simpsons World will reportedly make more than 500 episodes of The Simpsons available or streaming and is expected to have a rollout very similar to that of the FXNOW channel.

The Cupertino California company has added several new content providers to the Apple TV in 2014. Many were speculating that Apple was to release new hardware but concrete information has been released. Reports are currently suggesting that negotiations with content providers have caused a refresh to be pushed back to 2015. That being said, Apple did revamp the Apple TV user interface and brought a more iOS 7-style flat design to third-generation Apple TV units.

Will any of you be taking advantage of the FXNOW channel on your Apple TV this fall?

Source: Apple