Apple CEO, Tim Cook, recently had a 2-part interview with Charlie Rose, the first part airing last Friday and the second segment this past Monday. The full version is now available to stream online for free and can be found on the Hulu channel or Charlie Rose’s official website. In the interview, Cook talks about a variety of things ranging from the newly announced products like the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, the issue of privacy, his own personal values, and much more. We definitely recommend watching it, as many things were touched upon in the two-hour interview.

In the interview, Cook talks about how there are products in the works which “have not been rumored about yet” and talks about the new iPhone lineup that was just announced. According to Cook, the company could have made a much larger device years back, but decided against it because they wanted to “make a better phone in every single way.” Cook touched upon the issue of privacy and how they try to get the least amount of personal information from everyone. He also stated that they don’t want any more information than they need from their customers.

Last but not least, the CEO talks about his own personal values as well. He noted that he feels everyone should be treated equally and fairly regardless of race, color, gender, religion, etc. Cook is a strong believer in treating others with respect and dignity. Other topics Cook discusses include the driving force behind Apple, the company’s interest in T.V., and more. Head on over to Charlie Rose’s website or Hulu Channel to watch the full interview.

Source: Charlie Rose, PBS (Hulu)