Starting October, iCloud will reportedly tout another layer of protection as the company is scheduled to implement app-specific passwords for third-party programs tying in to the cloud service. According to an email sent out to iCloud users, the new security feature will be employed to all third-party apps connecting with iCloud, even if the program doesn’t support two-step verification.

The following was mentioned in an email to iCloud users:

If you use iCloud with any third party apps, such as Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, or BusyCal, you can generate app-specific passwords that allow you to sign in securely, even if the app you're using doesn't support two-step verification. Using an app-specific password also ensures that your primary Apple ID password isn't collected or stored by any third party apps you might use.
Once the new system is live, iCloud users will be able to generate new passwords by visiting the My Apple ID homepage and creating a new code from the Password and Security Settings pane. The system is limited to 25 active passwords, though users have the ability to manage which apps get priority through the same setup process.

The two new security measures Apple has recently introduced really boost the level of security for Apple’s iCloud services. In particular, allowing users to issue an app-specific code helps them with the apps that aren’t supported by the two-factor authentication feature which was recently implemented.

The new iCloud security feature will be rolled out on October 1, which is when third-party apps connecting with the service will be required to sign in using a specific assigned password.

Those of you interested in reading the full email can do so below:

Do any of you feel safer knowing that Apple will be adding additional security to its services?

Source: Apple