It’s been just one day since Apple announced its new iPhone lineup and Apple Watch products to the world, and they already hired another executive from the fashion industry to work for the Cupertino-based company. This time, the company hired popular clothing company Gap’s global marketing director Marcela Aguilar, to help the company’s marketing efforts and take on the same position at Apple. This report comes from AdAge and was confirmed by Seth Farbman, Gap’s marketing chief. He boasted about Aguilar and complimented her saying that she was great at putting together a diverse team.

Gap’s marketing chief, Farbman stated:

Apple is getting a tested professional. Working on a major American brand like Gap means you are on a big stage, in bright lights, every day. That experience is priceless, and Apple demands people who know how to play at a high level. Also, her experience in simply communicating the value of meaningful design and developing ideas that create an emotion — rather than just communicate a product benefit — should serve her well at Apple.
Previously, Aguilar was reported having worked seven years at ad agency BBDO before going on to work at Gap. It seems like Apple has been on a roll at hiring executives from the fashion industry. The first person they brought on to the team was Angela Ahrendts who was previously Burberry’s CEO, then Paul Deneve who was Yves Saint Laurent’s CEO, and now Aguilar.

Source: AdAge