If you're an iTunes customer, Apple is celebrating its massive September 9th special event by giving away U2's brand new Sons of Innocence album. Tim Cook and U2 just negotiated the free release of this album on stage at the September 9th special event.

The album is available to download at no cost for all current iTunes customers that's over half of a billion people around the world. The offer will stand until October 19th.

If you're not already an iTunes customer, Tim Cook's response to you is, "become one before October 19th." If you do that, you can take part in downloading U2's Sons of Innocence album for free from iTunes. If you wait until after October 19th to become an iTunes customer, you'll miss out on the free download, but at least you can still enjoy Apple's awesome new tech.

Apple notes that the release is available in 119 countries around the world and that if you're an iTunes customer already, then it's already available for you from your iTunes music library; all you have to do is tap on the download button.

Will you be grabbing this?