Apple has recently posted a new page to their Web site entitled Common App Rejections, which highlights what can cause the new application you have just submitted to Apple for their iOS App Store to get rejected during the App Store review process.

The Web page goes over all kinds of different situations, ranging from buggy applications, to poor user interfaces, misleading users, wrongful advertising, placeholders still visible, and much more. The page also shows info-graphic material showing the leading causes of rejected App Store applications in 2014:

The top reasons for applications getting refused from the App Store include applications where more information is needed and where the application's exhibit many bugs due to a poor testing process. Other top reasons include not complying with the Apple Developer Program License Agreement and/or having a poor user interface experience. Other reasons for application rejection are all across the board.

If you're a developer and are interested in reading more about what causes applications to get rejected when submitting your applications to the iOS App Store, or you're just an average user that is interested in the information digest, you can head over to Apple's Web site to read more at this link.

Sources: Apple