Apple isn't backing down just yet. The iDevice maker stands undeterred in its quest to get infringing Samsung products off of shelves and out of reach for consumers.

According to The New York Times, Apple isn't agreeable to the outcome of its latest courtroom battle with Samsung. Although a judge denied Apple's request for a sales ban, today's report indicates that Apple is now moving forward with an appeal.

Apple, of course, has already won the battle, as jurors ruled last spring that Samsung should pay $119.6 million in damages relating to violated Apple patents. However, federal judge Lucy H. Koh doesn't appear to believe that a bigger punishment is warranted, effectively ruling out the prospect of a product sales ban.

"Apple has not satisfied its burden of demonstrating irreparable harm and linking that harm to Samsung’s exploitation of any of Apple’s three infringed patents,"Koh said this week. "Apple has not established that it suffered significant harm in the form of either lost sales or reputational injury. Moreover, Apple has not shown that it suffered any of these alleged harms because Samsung infringed Apple’s patents."

Where do we go from here? For Apple, it's back to battling Samsung in court.

Source: NYT