As expected, NFL Now has finally come to Apple TV in time for the new NFL season to begin.

In short, the platform is extending to Apple's set-top box the same features and attributes the app delivered to iPhone and iPad users just two weeks ago.

Earlier this month, NFL Now gave iOS users a host of new bells and whistles, embellishing the football fan experience on the mobile screen. Although the NFL Now app was first introduced in the winter of 2014, it was limited in its offerings, providing largely news broadcasts, on-demand highlights, and other archival footage.

Similarly, the Apple TV NFL Now experience delivers a look and feel consistent with Apple TV's typical channels. Best of all, the channel can be customized to suit fans of any team, focusing on content related to the NFL team of choice.

Additionally, NFL Now for Apple TV gives viewers up-to-the-minute scores, results, and an array of video clip highlights, not to mention original NFL content and TV programming. So if you're a football fan and own an Apple TV, you can check it out now.

Source: NFL Now