Intel recently announced that its first set of low-power Broadwell chips are set to release to the market in limited quantities before the end of the year. The processors will be intended for premium tablets and hybrid devices which infer that the next-gen chips bound for Apple’s poplar MacBook Pro lineup most likely won’t be available until 2015 at the earliest. For those of you who didn’t know, Intel’s Core M chips are aimed at fan-less, low-power mobile devices that will come in ultra-thin form factors. The chipmaker is targeting its Core M series for devices less than 10 millimeters thick, making it an ideal candidate for Windows-based “convertible” tablet-laptop combinations.

Rumors claimed that the new MacBook model will be sporting a fan-less design with fewer inputs and outputs and new click-less trackpad. The new model could be a good option for Intel’s Broadwell Core M chips unlike the MacBook Pro which clearly doesn’t fit the criteria. That being said Apple’s MacBook Air with Retina display continues to remain an unconfirmed rumor, one which hasn’t seen any credible information that points towards its validity.

For those of you who didn’t know, Broadwell is the codename which was given to the 14-nanometer die shrink of Intel’s existing 22-nanometer Haswell architecture. Intel claims its new, smaller designs will provide a 30% reduction in power consumption without making any compromises in performance.

We’ll have to wait and see what happens and if Intel’s claims turn out to be true by being patient and waiting for the chip to be released.

Source: Intel via CNET