It was only recently that Spotify announced its plans on launching their services to Canada, but reports are saying invites are already being sent out to users. When they announced their plans last month, they never specified as to when exactly they would release the service. The company only mentioned it would happen in the upcoming months. According to 9to5Mac, a user reported on an invite that was sent out allowing them to test out the streaming music service. The invitation had the following message:

Congratulations — you’re in!

You’ve been chosen to try Spotify in Canada before everyone else!
Millions of songs are now waiting for you. The artists you love, the latest hits and new discoveries— all for free on mobile, tablet and desktop. Happy listening!
Spotify is not exclusive to the U.S. as many other countries around the world can also access the service. However, Canada was not on that list, but it seems like it will be soon. Select users who signed up were being chosen by the company and if you received a code, then you were one of the ‘chosen’ ones. There is no word yet on whether a premium service would be offered to Canadians, but we believe the company wouldn’t skip out on doing so.

Source: 9to5Mac