It wasn’t long ago Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) finished and now new reports are already mentioning dates for next year’s conference. The calendar of upcoming events from the Moscone Center was released with June 8th 2015 marking the kickoff date for Apple’s 26th WWDC event. The dates June 8th- June 12th of 2015, are being blocked off for a supposed ‘Corporate Event” that remains unknown with no further details. Other parts of the months have been filled with trade shows and conventions, so it is automatically assumed that WWDC 2015 would be around those dates.

In previous years, the Cupertino-based company saved days in June and referred to those ‘secret’ days as some sort of ‘corporate meeting.’ So this gives another reason as to why it can be assumed the blocked off June 8th- June 12th dates are saved for WWDC 2015. Apple was able to keep their announcements quiet this year until the reveal on June 2nd. Some big announcements this year included iOS 8, HomeKit, and HealthKit.

Do you think the dates are for WWDC 2015? Are you planning on attending next year? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Moscone West