On Tuesday, MMi picked up on the chatter splattered across the tech blogosphere today which indicates that ex-White House press secretary Jay Carney is in the running for the public relations expert position at Uber and Apple.

We now have additional insight into those claims and it appears that the rumors - especially with regard to Apple - are not accurate. As it turns out, Carney is not likely to fill Apple's available high-profile PR position.

Knowledgeable Apple source Jim Dalrymple of The Loop endeavored to set the record straight this afternoon. Will Carney end up at Apple? "Nope," Dalrymple writes. "Tim Cook has never even met Jay Carney."

Is this concrete evidence that Carney won't ultimately turn up at Apple? Of course, not. But it's a pretty good indicator that one little rumor simply went wild prematurely today.

Source: The Loop