Apple’s Volume Purchase Program is about to be released in 16 new countries. The program allows education and business customers to buy and distribute iOS apps in bulk for devices that are deployed. Countries that will expand to have the Volume Purchase Program for education and business have already been announced on Apple’s website. They include:

Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Hong Kong, Ireland, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan,Turkey, and United Arab Emirates.
Australia, France, New Zealand, United States, Spain, Italy, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, and Japan already have access to the Volume Purchase Program. Both the iOS and Mac apps can use the program, and this deal gives developers the option to have special bulk pricing as well. It was fairly recent the program received some major updates and some improvements to the service.

The official date of the program being rolled out has yet to be announced by Apple. However, if you are in one of the countries listed above in receiving the release, you can expect it sometime in the near future.

Source: Apple