As MMi reported yesterday, Apple will divulge earnings for its fiscal Q3 of 2014 on Wednesday, July 22nd.

Ahead of the eagerly-anticipated report, Wall Street analysts and market watchers are placing their bets, so to speak, on how product sales and earnings will shake out for Apple with regard to the previous quarter.

By most accounts, the outlook is particularly rosy. Such is the case with the folks at Evercore. This morning, AAPL's price target was raised 15 percent by Evercore's Rob Chira, who elevated his Apple target from $100 to $115.

Details from the analyst's predictions obtained by Benzinga indicate that Chira expects revenue growth will "re-accelerate" into fiscal 2015. "We see Apple creating its own growth," Chira observes, pointing emphatically to the iPhone, iWatch and other "iBand products."

To capture a bigger share of emerging markets, however, don't expect Apple to focus on making cheaper products.

Instead, Chira postulates, Apple will continue to emphasize premium-priced higher-end products and let their quality lead the way into new growth opportunities.

Source: Benzinga