There has been a widespread billing service disruption over at Verizon Wireless, which has been an ongoing issue for a few days now. The issue hit Twitter on Thursday when subscribers were unable to access upgrade eligibility checks, online billing, phone activations and My Verizon’s portal. However, users still had full voice call access, text messaging, and data services since the problem did not affect the carrier’s network. The company has already recognized downtime and stated that the issue only had to do with the billing system and services related to billing.

According to Re/code, areas affected by this problem include Southern states, the Northeast, and the Midwest. It was also reported that Verizon refused to let us in on the exact number of customers who were affected by it. Online error messages and complete lockouts were occurring for many users on the network as well. The downtime has been affecting Verizon customers, since other services get tied into Verizon’s billing system.

The reason behind this issue has yet to be found, but Verizon made a point that the system was not hacked, luckily.