It has been announced by Skype that they will be discontinuing support for desktop clients with older versions of the app. There has yet to be an exact date on when the company will stop the support, however, they said it would happen over the next couple of months. The change won’t be affecting iPhone and mobile clients. Windows desktop Skype client version 6.13 and older as well as Skype for Mac version 6.14 and older will be discontinued, with the most current one being 6.18.

6.14 and older Skype versions will be discontinued because the current one is 6.18. The change will make it so that cross-platform and version compatibility remain intact and so developers could continue working off of that foundation. Current Skype version 6.18 offers the option to send messages to offline users, but users of the older version do not have this feature.

The latest version of Skype can be downloaded via the check for updates option or from Skype’s official website.

Source: Skype