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Thread: Euro Commission Taking a Closer Look at Apple's 'Tax Haven'

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    Default Euro Commission Taking a Closer Look at Apple's 'Tax Haven'

    Reports out of Europe indicate that the European Commission is poised to launch a formal investigation tomorrow into Apple's so-called Ireland tax haven.

    Specifically, Apple's tax arrangements in Ireland will be under the microscope, Reuters reported within the hour.

    The EU's competition authority said last year that it was looking into corporate tax arrangements in several member states and had requested information from Ireland.
    It should be noted, however, that Ireland's finance ministry hasn't yet been notified of any forthcoming investigation. Correspondingly, on the European Commission hasn't yet explained its plans for the coming week either.

    All told, this latest prospective investigation follows months of domestic chatter regarding Apple's overseas financial holdings. Although no one is accusing Apple of illicit or illegal wrongdoing, U.S. Senator Carl Levin called Apple Irish antics "the Holy Grail of tax avoidance".

    Source: Reuters

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    Get ready for all your iPhones to go up it price! Overbearing tax laws only hurt consumers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jahooba View Post
    Get ready for all your iPhones to go up it price! Overbearing tax laws only hurt consumers.

    Overbearing is the fact that Apple, Google, eBay and Amazon make billions in Europe without paying ANY TAX.

    How ?:

    Apple "virtually" makes his money in Ireland with a dummy company called "Apple Sales International", but pays no tax in Ireland. Because Ireland says it's a US company. But Apple pays also no tax in the USA. Because the US say it's a Irish company !!! unbelievable but true !

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    The paradigm described above is no revelation. It is the way money lenders, bankers, internationalists have become mega rich..almost overnight. They say you can not make a monopoly yet many big business have exactly that. More people need to dig deeper into what goes on with this stuff..your jaw would drop.

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    Big deal. I say good for them. If they ended up having to pay the ridiculous taxes here in the US specifically in California then the cost of our iPhones probably would rise. Now they're even trying to bring manufacturing of their hardware back to the US and all we can do is try to get more money from them?! There's a reason large companies do this, same reason why so many are leaving California and the US in droves. It's way to expensive to do anything here! We've overpriced us out of the industrial market. What would happen if all of a sudden Apple had to pay a few billion in taxes? Would we get a tax break? Highly doubtful. It just means more money in our government hands so that they can miss-manage it and piss it away. At least in Apples hands it's going into R & D and producing jobs. Let them keep their money.

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