It's no secret that without Apple's strong presence in the Asian manufacturing and supply chains, the production costs of iPhones and iPads would be astronomical. But that doesn't mean that Apple can't recognize and appreciate the immense manufacturing skill of the American workforce.

This week, Apple CEO Tim Cook made a stop in Austin, Texas to visit the plant where Apple's Mac Pro is being produced. While at the facility, Cook poured praise on the laborers behind the production efforts. "Watching the Mac Pro come together in Austin yesterday, thanks to a team loaded with American manufacturing expertise," the Apple CEO tweeted.

In recent years, as Apple has faced growing criticism for not relying on the U.S. enough to produce Apple products, the company has endeavored to express its patriotism a little more aggressively. The only question now is whether Apple will put its money where its mouth is and relocate more production burden to the states and to U.S. workers.

Some are interpreting Cook's comments as a signal to investors that more production is coming "home." But even if that's not just wishful thinking, don't expect any significant portion of Apple's manufacturing efforts to leave Asia. Apple's shrewd overseas production planning is a major reason why the company continues to rake in and hoard unfathomably large gobs of cash.

Source: iClarified