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Thread: Samsung Looks to Upstage Apple by Unveiling its own Healthcare Initiative Ahead of WWDC

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    Default Samsung Looks to Upstage Apple by Unveiling its own Healthcare Initiative Ahead of WWDC

    Just less than a week before Apple is expected to take the stage at WWDC and unveil a health-focused addition to iOS, its rival Samsung announced a healthcare initiative of its own with a $50 million innovation fund and new hardware and software problems. Samsung executive Young Sohn said the following in a release:

    Samsung's Digital Health Initiative provides an exciting opportunity for the brightest minds in the technology world to come together to develop the products that will, for the first time, put individuals in the driver's seat in understanding their own health and wellness.
    To help jumpstart the development, Samsung unveiled a wearable hardware reference design dubbed Simband and an accompanying cloud-based software architecture the company is calling the Samsung Architecture for Multimodal interactions or SAMI. Simband is a modular hardware solution designed to maximize battery life and allow for new form factors and advancements in noninvasive sensing technology. SAMI on the other hand will act as a secure repository for storing unstructured personal health data in the cloud, in contrast to recently-failed programs from Microsoft and Google which focused on structured medical records.

    Samsung stated it doesn’t intend to sell products based on the Simband or SAMI platforms commercially, instead offering those technologies freely to developers. The fund, called the Samsung Digital Health Challenge, appears to be aimed at providing a foundation for development using the nascent hardware and software platforms. Apple made a similar move in the early days of iOS, partnering with venture capital firm, KPCB to launch a $100 million iFund. The iFund strategy ended up paying off for both Apple and KPCB, with the latter doubling its $200 million two years later.

    Many Apple watchers expect the company to show off new features in iOS 8 geared toward the same goal of collating and displaying health data from a variety of “quantified self” devices. The company is also said to be deep into the development of a so-called “iWatch” which could potentially sport an array of biometric sensors for personal health and fitness tracking and integrate closely with existing iOS devices.

    Source: Samsung via Forbes

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    These are the reasons I dislike Samsung.

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    Bring it first, even it's a copy or crap. Who cares.

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    Samsung has already been advertising health-related features of it's phone like the heart-rate monitor and step counter. The iPhone can do the same thing with the Heart Rate app but I'm sure they'll build it in to the next version of iOS. And of course the 5S already has a dedicated chip keeping track of movement.

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    All I know about Samsung is that they made the shittiest and most expensive HDDs of the 2000's, 100 bucks for a 40gig HDD was common with them. I bought two of them for emergency rebuilds in the 2000s and both failed in 3 months without giving me the opportunity to move the data to yet another drive.

    That is what Samsung means to me, it means "unreliable products" built on the concept of extremely planned obsolescence.

    All galaxy 3s I saw brand new last year by my friends have been thrown away by now, because they broke into little bits. And that's what worries me about my 4S, if the CPU was made by them.

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