In what amounts to one of the most charitable lunch dates even booked in human history, charity auction site CharityBuzz has helped to generate some $330,000 for the RFK Center for Justice and Human Rights.

As MMi recently reported, Apple CEO Tim Cook agreed to donate a one-hour lunch with himself to the top bidder - a bidder who ultimately paid well over the estimated $100,000 value of the lunch date that was placed up for auction.

We don't yet know the identity of today's winning bidder, but the lunch with Cook will take place sometime in the coming twelve months.

Given the success of this latest auction, there's a good chance that another opportunity to break bread with Tim Cook will land on CharityBuzz at some point in the near future again.

All told, Cook has been a big winner for charity in recent years. In May of last year, someone paid more than $600,000 (once again through CharityBuzz) for a cup of coffee with Cook. The lesson learned? Coffee with Cook apparently raises more for charity than lunch with Cook.

Source: CharityBuzz