Apple has added a new section called "Best of April" to the iOS App Store for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, as originally noted by MacStories. The section contains a mixture of free and paid applications.

The new section in the App Store has three sub-sections. The first section is called" Best App and Game," and shows you the top application and the top game that Apple has chosen. In this case, the best application is NYT Now News, and the best game is Leo's Fortune Games.

The other two sub-sections in the Best of April section are "Great Games," and "Amazing Apps," which as the name implies are just groups of applications and games that Apple has deemed worthy enough of having additional coverage in the iOS App Store. This new section in the App Store is great for developers that are looking for more exposure.

The Great Games include:

The Amazing Apps include:

While this appears to the first time Apple has made a "Best of" section for a particular month, it's unclear whether or not Apple plans to continue hosting this section on a monthly basis, refreshing the content monthly with new applications for users to discover. Apple already picks an App of the Week on a weekly basis, which just so happened to be Notability this time around.

If you want to take a peek at the new section to see what's available, you can follow This App Store link. Note: this link will try to open iTunes.

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