Just one week after Apple improved shipping estimates for its flagship Mac Pro desktop to three to five weeks, the company has again cut down on wait times with orders now showing delivery dates of less than one month. Demand for Apple’s redesigned Mac Pro has been outstripping supply since its debut in December but a look at the Online Apple Store shows Apple is quickly catching up.

All the configurations appear to be available within three to four weeks, the new estimates bring estimated shipping times to one month or below for the first time since launch. Ship-by-dates have slowly improved over the past few months, with checks in April showing estimates at 5-6 weeks, which moved up to 4-6 weeks on April 11 and 4-5 weeks on April 18. Last week Apple improved availability to 3-5 weeks.

The Online Apple Store is still the only place to buy the most powerful Mac ever as in-store supplies appear to be non-existent. In January, Apple said it didn’t expect to have models available at brick-and-mortar Apple Stores until at least March. In hindsight this guess appears to be optimistic.

Source: Apple via AppleInsider