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Thread: Apple to Begin Notifying Users of Information Requests from Law Enforcement

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    Default Apple to Begin Notifying Users of Information Requests from Law Enforcement

    Apple to begin notifying its users of secret personal data requests from law enforcement according to The Washington Post as the company believes users have a right to know in advance if their information is being targeted by the government. The following was mentioned regarding the matter:

    Apple, Microsoft, Facebook and Google all are updating their policies to expand routine notification of users about government data seizures, unless specifically gagged by a judge or other legal authority, officials at all four companies said. Yahoo announced similar changes in July.

    Prosecutors however say the move could tip off criminals allowing them to destroy potential digital evidence, cover their tracks and intimidate potential witnesses before law enforcement can build their case. Alternatively, the Post noted that some companies who already notify users before a government requests have found that investigators have dropped data requests to avoid having suspects learn of their inquiries.

    In the US, the typical search warrant requires the police to notify the suspect that they are being searched. However, so-called “sneak and peak” warrants aren’t unheard of and allow investigators to search a suspect’s house or other property without any notification. This ability was expanded in the Patriot Act, allowing the Federal Government to utilize such warrants in nearly any crime. Apple and the other companies are seeking to nullify these sneak-and-peek warrants as they pertain to the digital realm.

    The Cupertino California company’s changes will be unveiled in an updated privacy later this month, an Apple spokeswoman told the Post and users will be notified in “most cases” when their information is requested by a government entity. Cases in which Apple would not notify users include data requests from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court and subpoenas from the FBI for national security investigations. The following was mentioned regarding the matter:

    “Later this month, Apple will update its policies so that in most cases when law enforcement requests personal information about a customer, the customer will receive a notification from Apple,” company spokeswoman Kristin Huguet said.
    Apple has been increasingly concerned about privacy matters since the discovery of secret intelligence program PRISM, with CEO Tim Cook saying the NSA would have to cart them “out in a box” before it could access Apple’s servers. The Cupertino California has also hired certified privacy professional Sabrina Ross as privacy counsel to oversee the protection of customer data.

    Source: EFF, The Washington Post

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    I'd be stoked to know if local law enforcement had been messing with my phone... I would go back to a dumb phone and still have an iPhone for everything but regular calls and texts...

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    they wouldnt tell you if they already did.. and it seems the dumb phones are the best.

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    So now all requests from government will include a gag order as a standard phrase. Government's "problem" solved and Apple etc. can say they tried.

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    Oh please. Wake up a smell the coffee people. The government has been spying on you all for years now. They are targeting me right now just for saying this. Oh well.

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    I don't understand this. If the cops want some info secretly, why not give it to them secretly? Why inform the suspect? If there's enough evidence on the table to get a warrant surely you wouldn't want them trying to get away or destroy evidence.

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