Did Comcast just spill the beans about Apple's next-gen Apple TV? If so, it comes as no major shock that such an update is in the works for the tech giant's set-top TX box. With two years having lapsed since the last Apple TV refresh, a next-gen offering is certainly long overdue. But we may now be much closer than we realize to the new Apple TV launch.

An FCC filing from Comcast and Time Warner pertaining to their proposed merger references the new Apple TV.

Comcast and Time Warner, two companies that Apple is rumored to have been working on streaming content deals with, would certainly have access to this advanced product knowledge. And so the cable TV giants may have revealed as much in the filing.

In the most telling revelation, Comcast says:

Today, Google competes as a network, video, and technology provider, and 8 out 9 of the next Google Fiber markets the company announced are in Comcast or TWC areas. Apple tablets are viewing platforms for cable services even while Apple offers an online video service, Apple TV, and explores development of an Apple set-top box. Microsoft just announced that it will feature ads on the Xbox One, creating a new video advertising platform. And just last week, Amazon announced its own set-top box while it continues to leverage its unequaled sales platform and family of competitive tablets to promote its burgeoning Prime Instant Video business.
Most industry analysts and supply chain sources believe the new Apple TV will arrive within the first half of 2014.

Source: Business Insider