The Cupertino California company recently released a new version of its iTunes Connect Sales and Trends tool, which aids developers in understanding sales data so they can make changes to better target their products. Apple reportedly sent out an email recently notifying developers of the new Sales and Trends version.

According to people who have seen the updated software, included in the update are new interactive features that allow devs to drill down into sales data in a variety of ways. The new Sales and Trends tool allows developers to view sales over a given time period, group sales data by regions and other modifiers, apply a number of filters to raw data and see estimated proceeds in US dollars.

The information is represented in a basic line and bar graph that changes dynamically when new modifiers are applied to the requested data. The overall look of the tool has also changed, with a stark white background and simplified charts taking on an iOS 7-like feel. This is a change from the previous version that featured a dark aesthetic similar to the iOS 6 Stocks app.

App developers and iBookstore authors can find the new tool through Apple’s iTunes Connect.

Source: Apple via AppleInsider