After appearing in a developer build of Chrome previously, Google recently announced that this week it will be rolling out Google Now notifications to the desktop through the latest beta version of Chrome. Google Now notifications were previously available to Android and iOS users but can now be accessed through the Chrome notification center on Mac as well as through Chrome on Windows and Chromebooks. Google notes that Chrome will show a subset of the cards that appear on iOS and Android including “weather, sports scores, commute traffic and event reminders cards.” The following was mentioned regarding the matter:

So the next time you’re finishing up emails at your desk, Google Now might suggest that you leave the office a bit early to beat the heavy traffic on the way to your dinner date. To view the notifications, click on the bell icon on your desktop (on Mac and Windows) or the numbered box (on Chromebook) to open the Chrome notification center.
The feature can be enabled for beta users by signing into the same Google Account used for Google Now on Android or on their iOS device. It should be noted that the feature is only available in English when it rolls out this week but Google did mention that it will be adding support for other languages in the future. It won’t be long before Google rolls out Now functionality to all Chrome users.

Alongside the announcement of Google Now notifications, Google also announced a public SDK for Chromecast allowing developers to build support for casting into Android, Chrome and iOS apps and websites. The recent announcement likely means support for a lot more services from networks and independent providers as developers can build in support on Android, Chrome and iOS apps and websites independently.

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