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Thread: Apple Reportedly Focusing on Mood Based Mobile Ad Display and Delivery

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    Default Apple Reportedly Focusing on Mood Based Mobile Ad Display and Delivery

    Although Apple has filed and secured patents related to a broad variety of technologies that have not - and likely never will - manifest into Apple-branded products and services, these chunks of intellectual property paint an interesting picture of the things Apple is working on these days - things that could still turn up on our devices in the years ahead.

    The latest Apple brainchild is a method of delivering moon-sensitive advertisements to users within the Apple ecosystem. The patent titled "Inferring user mood based on users and group characteristic data" outlines the aforementioned technology and how it works.

    An individual's responsiveness to targeted content delivery can be affected by a number of factors, such as an interest in the content, other content the user is currently interacting with, the user's current location, or even the time of day. A way of improving targeted content delivery can be to infer a user's current mood and then deliver content that is selected, at least in part, based on the inferred mood. The present technology analyzes mood-associated characteristic data collected over a period of time to produce at least one baseline mood profile for a user. The user's current mood can then be inferred by applying one or more mood rules to compare current mood-associated data to at least one baseline mood profile for the user.
    Put simply, it appears that Apple envisions an ad delivery system that provides only the content that a user would be likely responsive to in certain situations. Factors determining one's mood including everything from their present location to their activities at the time the ad would be sent.

    The bottom line is that Apple wants to dramatically boost the effectiveness of targeted ads. And to do so, they feel the need to get into our heads and not just our smartphones and tablets.

    Source: USPTO

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    Lol seen a movie one time "they live". Guy was looking at a billboard of a hot chick and he puts on special sunglasses and instead of the chick the billboard says REPRODUCE. Lol roddy piper great guy. Not sure what that has to do with this article tho.

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