The electronics manufacturer, Archos, recently pre-announced a slew of new products that it plans to showcase at the upcoming 2014 Consumer Electronics Show. The products included “Connected Home” and “Connected Self” accessories that are compatible with Apple’s iPhone and iPad. The new Archos connected objects are compatible with devices that are running both Apple’s iOS mobile operating system as well as Google’s Android platform. They connect to smartphones and tablets via Bluetooth Low Energy and are “aimed at enhancing connectivity at home and improving personal health and well-being” according to the company.

Most notably, Archos said that it plans to unveil a “selection of smart watches” at CES 2014, with pricing starting at below $50. The company went as far as mentioning that their wrist-worn accessories will feature a “pebble-like design.” Joining its new smart watches are a connected scale and blood pressure monitor. The Archos Activity Tracker will monitor daily footsteps and calories burned. These will work with the Archos Connected Self App for iOS, which the company said “will serve as the backbone application for all connected self-devices.” Using the application will allow users to view their quick health assessment, track their activity over time, and enable up to 8 users to set goals and increase motivation.

As far as the company’s “Connected Home” side goes, a new ecosystem of products will be unveiled at CES 2014. These include a mini camera, motion ball, movement tag, weather tag and smart plug. In particular, the camera will be the size of just a ping-pong ball and will use Bluetooth Low Energy for long last battery life. These are said to be controlled through the Archos Smart Home App for iOS, though the company is planning to release a dedicated, Android-powered 7-inch “Smart Home Tablet” to also bring these accessories together.

Last but not least, the company is also set to unveil the Archos Weather Station, which will provide indoor and outdoor climate information, including OS 2 levels, humidity, temperature, atmospheric pressure and environmental noise levels. This device will be controlled through a proprietary Weather Station app that will be available for iOS.
The CEO of Archos, Loic Poirier, mentioned the following regarding their future plans:

Mobile devices have become the center of our life and our demand for instant access to information creates the need for even more interconnectivity. Archos' new lineup of connected objects exemplifies the ability to share and access information and represents our vision of creating a universe where all devices complement and work together.
Are you excited about any of what’s to come?

Source: Archos via PC Magazine