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Thread: Apple Retail Employees File Lawsuit over Lost Wages during Employee Bag Searches

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    Someone should do the same thing for Fry's Electronics. Employees that close are required to wait, off the clock, for ~10 min every night for the alarm to arm and are not allowed to leave the property until it arms.

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    Apple happens to sell $600-$800 devices that are easily concealable. It's just a sad fact of humanity, not Apple's faith in their employees.

    I've seen GameStop employees going through the same searches, it's just the way things are today. It's hard to believe that these policies were implemented just to waste the employee's time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cmwade77 View Post
    Costco had a similar policy to this and got sued and lost as a result. Bottom line is it's not the time for the search it's self, it's the time waiting for the manager. The courts have all come down quite clearly on this, so it surprises me that any company is still requiring the searches be on personal time.
    Most corporations these days will do anything and everything to maximize profits, regardless of legality or morality, until a) the press gets wind of it and the negative PR outweighs the benefits, or b) law enforcement or a court of law force them to stop.

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    Quote Originally Posted by holyshnikes View Post
    I may be missing something here...but I would think that in the contract they signed to become an employee for Apple it mentioned bag checks at the end of shift and or lunch break. End of case right there. If you didn't want your bags checked, then don't apply for the job. I'm so sick of everyone's entitlement.
    And I'm sick of ignorance. Just because an employee signed a contract doesn't meant Apple or any other employer is suddenly entitled to break the law. It is illegal to hold employees off the clock, without compensation. This has nothing to do with entitlement. This is about correcting a wrong. Either Apple needs to stop doing the searches, or they need to pay for that time, or just do it before they clock out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by stayupthetree View Post
    The employees will "think that they will" win this law suit based on precedent alone.
    Made a small adjustment for you.
    All that will happen as with any big corporation is that the goalposts will be moved and contracts will be massaged.
    Remember that free soda you used to get? It's now 25cents.
    Remember how warm and cosy you felt? It's now one or two degrees cooler.
    Most importantly..........
    That 2% pay increase the board was thinking of giving the worker ants, (while the Queens themselves get a massive pay off). It's now 1%.

    You think win in the short term but the status quo doesn't change.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mr117 View Post
    Jewelry stores (even jewelry counter in places like Macy's) have the employees do counts of stock 3-4 times a day. A Movado store near me does that, and has closed-circuit cameras as well to monitor, and not just the customers.

    The issue isn't the searching, the issue is the time it takes and from who's pocket that time is taken. If Apple wants to search its staff, fine. But the staff should be off the clock when said searches occur.

    I think you meant "on the clock" as in "the staff should be on the clock when said searches occur."

    So they get paid.

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