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Thread: Apple Looking to Reduce Future Lost Next-Gen iPhone Prototypes

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    Default Apple Looking to Reduce Future Lost Next-Gen iPhone Prototypes

    Although some believe that Apple is willfully engaging in a publicity stunt of sorts with its latest lost iPhone prototype fiasco, the apparent facts of the matter suggest that the iPhone maker is now experiencing its second - and surprisingly similar - instance of a missing and still-unreleased next-gen iPhone turning up in a California bar.

    Presumably hoping to curb this pattern once and for all, Apple has posted two new job openings that, at least ostensibly, appear to tackle the recurring phenomenon referenced above. According to information presented in the postings, Apple is looking for two "Managers of New Product Security." Their responsibility? To help protect and safeguard any and all Apple products (those not yet released to the public) and their associated intellectual property.

    Although the postings were initially uncovered several day ago, their significance only resonated following last week's report that San Francisco police were called in to investigate an iPhone 5 prototype that was reportedly lost by an Apple employee at a regional bar. According to published reports, the incident transpired in late July, presumably when the iPhone 5 was in the field for testing.

    "The candidate will be responsible for overseeing the protection of, and managing risks to, Apple's unreleased products and related intellectual property," the posting reads. Those who are ultimately tapped to fill the positions must reside within the Cupertino, California region, although at least one-third of their work will involve travel.

    At this rate, it looks like "travel" is code for "bar hopping to find our lost hardware."

    Source: PC Mag

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    blah blah blah. you people keep eating it up, and apple will keep craping on a plate for you and serving it.

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    Hahahahahaha!!! This is rich! Sounds like their devs need collars and leashes! How bout they quit getting drunk at the bar and just serve mixed drinks at the cafeteria @Apple HQ?
    I always thought the term "early adopter" (regarding tech) was a bit snooty. So, I'll go ahead and call myself an early adopter, cuz I'm feeling a bit snooty.

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    New iPhone prototype app : iBarRecover

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    just but a gbs in the phone

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    Quote Originally Posted by GmAz View Post
    blah blah blah. you people keep eating it up, and apple will keep craping on a plate for you and serving it.
    I agree.
    iRepair Indy

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    So why isn't Apple using the Find My iPhone feature?

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    Ever hear of a "controlled leak"? First time around with iPhone 4, you'd excuse it and maybe it was a genuine mistake. The exact same thing happening with iPhone 5? Come on! It just show's the marketing people at Apple aren't all that inventive.

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    Nothing has been leaked yet. No pictures, no specs, nothing like last year.

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    Why don't they just use Find My iPhone?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SirTimothy1 View Post
    Why don't they just use Find My iPhone?
    Yeah you would think they actually had a way to track whether or not a proto even left the campus, not to mention the ability to track it globally like they already can for anyone else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Poseidon79 View Post
    Nothing has been leaked yet. No pictures, no specs, nothing like last year.
    Try this one...

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    Quote Originally Posted by madspaniel View Post
    That is as fraudulent as it gets. First off, Apple wouldn't "accidentally" place a link of a future and unannounced product up on their site. Second, they wouldn't photoshop the screen onto the phone. It'd be an actual picture of the iPhone homescreen. Those pictures were photoshopped so bad it was stupid. Lastly, Apple wouldn't put an iPhone pic on their site that said "No Service". Fake. Fraudulent. Phony. Herp derp...
    iPhone 4 to Android directly back to iPhone 4. I learned my lesson and will never leave iOS again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShredNasty View Post
    Herp derp...
    Nuff said

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    do they have to stay sober?

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