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Thread: One Last Hurrah for Steve Jobs at iPhone 5 Unveiling?

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    Default One Last Hurrah for Steve Jobs at iPhone 5 Unveiling?

    On Wednesday, the tech community and world at large were rocked by news of Steve Jobs' sudden resignation as chief executive officer of Apple, the financial juggernaut of a tech firm that he co-founded more than three decades ago. But as the investment, tech, and business worlds all absorb the news of Jobs' departure this morning, we continue to hear rumblings about what may be Steve Jobs' next public appearance and, perhaps, his last hurrah on the Apple stage.

    In his letter to the Board of Directors yesterday, Jobs asked to remain as Chairman of the Board, director and Apple employee. Simply put, although Tim Cook is the new company head, Steve Jobs hasn't taken his ball and left the field altogether. In fact, as an attempt to pacify nervous investors, there is speculation that Steve Jobs may take the stage to introduce the new iPhone later this summer.

    Now believed to be four to six weeks away from introduction, the tech community is buzzing about the fifth-generation iPhone. Although smart money would bet on Tim Cook leading the reveal as a logical way to instill confidence in those who question Apple's viability without Steve Jobs at the helm, others believe a Steve Jobs and Tim Cook combo during the presentation may be just what Apple needs to help facilitate a smooth transition to the post-Steve Jobs era at Apple.

    Just as few initially expected Steve Jobs to personally unveil the iPad 2 last spring (only a few months into his medical leave of absence from Apple), Steve Jobs may be planning another memorable cameo in the weeks ahead.

    Just Imagine how long that standing ovation will last at the Moscone West, huh?

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    And you thought his other standing ovations were big...
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    Tim Cook will suffice.

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    I can see it now... As Tim Cook is floundering on stage, failing to excite and trying to talk through all the booing and jeering, Steve Jobs yells out to him, reaching his hand through the ropes! "Tag me in man, tag me in! I got this!!!"
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    Quote Originally Posted by whereswaldo View Post
    And you thought his other standing ovations were big...

    I hate people using this word but it would be "EPIC" if he released the last generation iPhone under his belt

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    i would definitely give him a standing O or a huge clap with everyone else as i watch it from my laptop

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    i honestly thought he would resign after the phone was unveiled...
    i kinda that he was gonna go after the ip4 launch.
    didnt expect it to be soon before the ip5 though

    we gotta see the man in the turtle neck once more!

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    I hope so.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wolverinemarky View Post
    i would definitely give him a standing O or a huge clap with everyone else as i watch it from my laptop
    I would too.

    I hope he gives us one last presentation WITH Tim Cook as a proper send off and put him on the right path for success. I just don't see Steve walking away all together from not showing up at the most anticipated device launch since its existence and leaving Cook to fend for himself unless there was a lot more issues health wise that he is dealing with and is physically unable to

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    I so wish it is Steve at the unveiling (with Tim is good too) - somehow without Steve it just doesn't feel right !!!

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    If Cook unveils it, no one should go....for the lulz

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    As much as I'd like to see Steve once again at the launch, I think it is highly unlikely. I've seen some pictures taken of him on the TMZ website, supposedly taken today, and sad to say, he looks to be a very, very sick man.

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