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Thread: New Airport Extreme and Time Machines Finally Benchmarked, Outperform Older Models

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    Default New Airport Extreme and Time Machines Finally Benchmarked, Outperform Older Models

    Apple released new Time Machine and Airport Extreme products rather stealthily last month. There was no announcement, and even the product description pages didn't even reflect the product change right away.

    While the change was small, a simple change in the wifi stack to the new Broadcam BCM4331 solution, the payoff is huge in terms of range and performance according to AnandTech.

    At close range the two base stations exhibit nearly identical performance. However,as this years model was able to perform nearly at full strength where last years model barely had a signal. The new Broadcam WiFi stack uses more power, but the benefits are increased performance at greater distances from the base station.

    AnandTech summed up the capabilities of the new Airport Extreme and Time Capsule products nicely:

    At the end of the day, the new Airport Extreme dramatically improves throughput in the best case and in a few regions where signal was previously unusable. In the worst case (location 4), performance improves from being essentially unusable to totally fine, and in the case of the 2010MBP goes from not being able to connect at all to pushing 23 Mbps.

    Source: AnandTech

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    I really wish that they would figure out how to make an Airport Extreme work in the kitchen!

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    Well, I have no problem with the kitchen, but my wife's MBP down the hall needed a boost and this gave it that- much better signal than my nearly-four-year-old Express was able to. A bit pricey compared to the Express, but it works.

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    Could anyone of you please guide, tell me, or point me in the right direction in regards to setting up and external hard drive to my Airport Extreme. Long story short I have a PC ( saving for a Mac) and im trying to back up or transfer all my hard drive info on my PC to my external (WD MY PASSPORT ESSENTIAL SE) which is hooked up to the port on the Airport Extreme. I have the utility on my PC and I can see and configure the Airport Extreme settings for the external hard drive. That all being said I can't figure out how to find or associate it on my PC in order to use it as my primary PC hard drive for documents, videos, Itues library etc. Next I'd like to be able to acces that hard drive via Internet. Coul use some help. Thank.

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