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Thread: Cloned Apple Stores Plague China, Confuse Customers

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    Quote Originally Posted by chad daddy View Post

    If there real apple products (hopefully cheaper) then who gives a damn.
    You guys are mad at this guy for making money when Steve Jobs himself is the rip-off of the century.
    Im sure he has the iPhone7 in a case somewhere ready to be the most powerful phone ever but he needs to release 7 differnt models just cause Apple fans will buy it.
    There are four ways to acquire new Apple products that I'm aware of.

    1) Buy them wholesale from Apple, where your margins will be to the point where you'll be roughly in line with standard pricing, if not contractually obligated to be so.
    2) Buy them retail from Apple or a reseller, and be obligated to jack the price up accordingly to make any money.
    3) You are Apple.
    Or, what I think is most likely:
    4) Steal or knowingly purchase stolen/counterfeit goods and sell those.

    Authorized retailers that enjoy their business and licensing (and therefore bulk access to Apple products) generally don't violate the reseller guidelines, which dictate labeling yourself as a "premium reseller."

    Apple has every right to be offended that these folks are "borrowing" their brand, even considering the possibility Apple got paid in full for these products. The PR backlash from shoddy goods not being replaced/repaired quickly, bad customer service, overly obtuse Geniuses, etc. in the world's fastest-growing large economy isn't something one would think Apple particularly wants to deal with.

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    Quote Originally Posted by luvmytj View Post
    Could be a student or tourist. I know almost all of my stuff says CHINA on it and Im in NY! LOL

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    IDK. I work for Costco's in Alaska & we used to sell Apple products(iPods,Nano's, Gift Cards). Just before the Launch of the iPad(1st Gen), I was told we were no longer going to sell Apple Products cause i GUESS we where gonna sell them SLIGHTLY cheaper Apple decided Otherwise. NOW..all we sell are Acer tables, The Zoom,Hp,& Samsung(not up here cause no Verizon Service)& P.O.S. Vizo tablets, OHH and Asus to. made a few people pissed..BUT..still..i would have LOVED to see us sell those, BUT..hey.if they can get away with it..they can get away with it. I'll still buy it @ Best Buy.

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    Clearly this is all HTCs fault.

    Overly-exaggerated China boy's "cool guy" lean is overly exaggerated!
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    Well... I am from Mumbai [India] and there was one such store here as well... it shut down 6 months ago. I was officially listed on Apple's India website.
    When I gave my MBP for repairs again 2 months ago.. the main Apple care center branch told me that my RAM was fake! [I got that replaced a year ago from the store that shut down]

    Apple needs to keep a tab of the quality of service offered by apple centers in such countries where making & selling fakes is so easy! I even had to get my display replaced thrice in three months. Twice back-2-back because Apple gave me horrible replacements for my display. Horizontal viewing angles were less than 45-50 degrees! I guess I never should have got my original display replaced... 5 dead pixels wouldnt have been that bad after all!

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    Quote Originally Posted by eurotrashmax View Post
    Don't worry, apple will be shortly releasing an update, to prevent unauthorized apple stores from showing up.
    LOL Now that's classy

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    Quote Originally Posted by bebeso View Post
    Wow! how can that happen apple being so straightforward against fake products. It will be something interesting to visit and see how the quality of the products is.
    Is there any prove that this pictures has been taken in China or Asia????
    The Guy yes its an Asian, but he may be working in a shop in Europe somewhere!!!

    I think that this article is quite unreliable, groundless and that Chines are the real target here and not the so called (Fake Apple Shop)!!!

    Its sad that modmyi does not try to get more info in regards to this picture to make sure its from reliable sources!!!!

    Anyway everybody copies and Apple are no saints in that as well!!!

    Good Artists Copy, Great Artists Steal

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    I dont think this was taken in China, zoom on the stores in the background No chinese letters

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