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Thread: Workaround to Bypass Minimum Requirements for Final Cut Pro X Discovered

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    Default Workaround to Bypass Minimum Requirements for Final Cut Pro X Discovered

    Even with all the hideous backlash Apple is currently taking from video professionals for its newest Final Cut software, if you are simply a 'prosumer' and want to try at hand at the latest Final Cut, but don't quite meet those pesky minimum requirements on your current Mac, all is not lost, a workaround has been discovered.

    Final Cut Pro X requires users to be on a Mac that has a Core 2 Duo or better CPU, with a graphics chip or integrated graphics that are OpenCL-capable, which rule out a great deal of Macs released prior to 2008. However HardMac reports that users who have these machines should try this:

    Install the software from the App store on a supported machine, then put that computer in target disk mode, and simply copy the Final Cut Pro X folder from Applications on that Mac. It apparently works, albeit is a time-consuming and annoying measure for legacy Mac owners, and requires getting one's hands on a capable Mac, which is easier for some than others.

    Of course, running the software on an unsupported machine will be sure to have some bugs, notably a large drop in performance (probably due to the lack of GPU acceleration). But it's nice to know that if you really, really want to deal with the mess that currently is Final Cut Pro X, but don't quite have that hardware, you still can. I've got to say though, running Final Cut Pro X on a 2006 MacBook just does not sound that enjoyable….
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    For those of you super upset with the new Final Cut Pro read this article:

    Professional Video Editors Weigh In on Final Cut Pro X -

    It addresses many of the complaints and also shows that a lot of the main complaints are unwarranted. It sucks that Apple completely threw out the old, but this is, in my opinion, a great start to the future of FCP. Just like when they were the first to drop the floppy drive and only have a CD-rom. Look to the future and realize this is a decent start of things to come!

    In fact I think this would be a great article for one of the staff writers to check out and repost. Just saying :-)

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