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Thread: Apple Notebooks Sweep Consumer Reports Rankings, Still Can't Recommend iPhone

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    Default Apple Notebooks Sweep Consumer Reports Rankings, Still Can't Recommend iPhone

    This month's issue of Consumer Reports has Apple notebooks ranked at, or near the top of every notebook category (small, 13", 15" and 17").

    Congratulations you are now ruler of the Laptop Kingdom, here is the key to our money, dignity, and souls.

    I breathe at your behest.

    Honestly, it's amazing that one company, in a sea of competitors, could dominate (in terms of quality) across the board in this many categories. There are a ton of well made, well designed, and powerful notebooks out there, but Apple has managed to capitalize on its brand recognition, and turn out quality products.

    Windows computers, and laptops still outsell their Mac based equivalents, but that's to be expected with how entrenched Windows is in the marketplace. Apple doesn't license their OS, and even if they wanted to be the the #1 supplier of computers in the world, there is almost no way they could produce enough to do so. But, what they do have is a unified vision, with an extremely recognizable design, and very little product overlap or cannibalization. Plus they simply don't make the budget computers that dominate a large portion of PC sales.

    For Apple engineers it must be nice to see the Macbook Air rated ahead of its competitors, Gateway and HP, in nearly every category. Steve Jobs is probably fist pumping that the 13" Macbook Pro took five of the top seven spots in the 13" category, conceding only two spots to Sony and Asus.

    Apple's 15" Macbook Pro took the top three spots in the 15" category, edging out the competition by only three points. And finally the 17" Macbook Pro took the top two spots ion the 17" division with the competition making up the other six spots.

    As always, purchasing a laptop is value based decision. While the dreaded Apple Tax is less ridiculous than it used to be, the fact is most windows equivalent computers, and laptops are cheaper.

    End note, Consumer Reports still can't recommend the iPhone 4 due to the "death grip," reception debacle. Sales figures show that no one cares.

    Source: Loopinsight

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    i usually like to bash apple (lol), although that death grip was a ******** story. every smartphone has one, just apples was a little easier to do by accident

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    I would love a Macbook Air. It's lightweight and has great battery life. All together it's a great piece of kit and worth the loss of expandability. However, the design, weight, and battery life aren't enough to justify the rediculously high price of $1000 for a Core2Duo based laptop.

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    I gladly pay the Apple tax because they hold their value and I can sell them for 70-80% of their original value a year later and upgrade for a minimal cost. Same with iPhones. There's no brand of Windows computer that will do this. If you take the Mac and the Windows at equivalent specs the Apple is more expensive but OSX is SOOO much more efficient. Windows 7 is eating up over 4 GB of RAM on my computer at the moment... blows!
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    Fist pump baby!! ha ha

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    Funny....everytime I'm in the Apple store 90% of the people at the "Genius" Bar are either bringing in their MacBooks, or picking them up after having them replaced/repaired.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RICO_ View Post
    Funny....everytime I'm in the Apple store 90% of the people at the "Genius" Bar are either bringing in their MacBooks, or picking them up after having them replaced/repaired.
    Yeah but thats not a fair observation. Thats like saying everytime you go to the car dealership, 90% of the people there are getting their cars fixed.
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    oh brother, I see where this thread is going...

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    On a side note, I've had my Macbook Pro almost 5 years now and leave it on 24/7 and havent had an issue with it yet. Just a new battery.

    Quote Originally Posted by StealthBravo View Post
    oh brother, I see where this thread is going...
    Stealth, I have an off topic question. After I login and post a comment I can not see any of the comments except the first one. Its bizarre.

    In other words, when I come back to view this thread all I can see is comment one and it says showing 1 comment. I have to logout to view all the comments.

    I tried IE, Chrome, Safari and they all do the same thing. Any ideas?
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    Osx and mac laptops as a whole are just wonderful machines.
    Yes there are pc that can compete with anyone of the 3 pros but they are not as consistent as apple is with there pro line up.

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    Nooooooooooooooo, All you people buying MacBooks have ruined my hipster device.

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