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I guess they're trying to speed up the process and get people in and out? At least I hope that's what the purpose is - a bunch of people standing around in the store fiddling with their devices sounds creepy.

Personally I hate going into Apple stores - they're always so small and there's always a ton of people in them. How about Apple employees honk a horn every 15 minutes, and if you're not in line to buy something or get tech help then for goodness sake leave. All the iPads can display an angry picture of Steve Jobs and become inoperable until the facetime camera sees you pull out a credit card or some cash.
So you're against people browsing in a store? F that man, if I want to go in the store and browse then I'll go in there and browse dammit. Sometimes if I plan to buy something online I'll go to a store where it's sold locally just to see it, try it out, etc. and then go buy it online.