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Thread: Steve Jobs Passes Einstein, Edison, and Gates Among Top Engineering Heroes

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lohand View Post
    Exactly! Sorry but those "900 British engineering undergraduates" are retards. Sayin...
    HAHAHA... I couldn't agree more. After all, isn't GE actually one of the groups spear-heading the Green movement? Wasn't Apple recently stated as being the least green company in the World? Iím confused here, how can a group of retards come up with such a list and actually put the likes of Gates and Jobs above the precursors to their success? I like what one person said they were scientist and Jobs is a business man. I am so incredibly sickened by the outrages claims made by such a list. GE you are retards and sadly missed this one by a long shot.

    Tesla created what is our modern network of electricity, and before him Edison created the possibility of light. Without these people Jobs is a know body. Not to mention any kid today in his bedroom can think up the crap apple is producing. Look at the creator of Facebook. I would put him in front of Jobs any day. At least he actually created something with his own two hands.

    I'm glad to see most of you share my sentiment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EskimoRuler View Post
    yea Jobs may very well be a genius but i do not think he should be ranked above newton and Einstein for sure
    Agreed, its kind of far far fetched IMO.. I don't think personally hes on the same level as them... Not by a long shot

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    Quote Originally Posted by chstriker11 View Post
    I'm sorry.. ahead of Nikola Tesla? The most influential electrical engineer in history? The one who pretty much started the second industrial revolution? I'm a fanboy.. but wow...
    Amen to that. Tesla single handedly gave us the 20th Century the way we know it, without his genius we'd still be using the abacus, Dyson isn't fit to lace Mr Tesla's shoes, a bagless vacuum cleaner gets you to the top of a list, ffs

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