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Thread: Browser, & Apploader Coming for 2G Apple TV

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    Default Browser, & Apploader Coming for 2G Apple TV
    [ame=]Couch Surfer Pro for ATV 2G on Vimeo[/ame]

    FireCore - the makers of the aTV Flash package for the original Apple TV - say they're a week or two away from a beta version for the Apple TV 2G. Called aTV Flash (black), the package will allow browsing and streaming, as well as access to media on Network-Attached Storage (NAS) drives. You can order the aTV Flash now, and get a free upgrade to the (black) version when it's available.

    The original aTV Flash is a mod to the "silver" Apple TV that allowed for web and non-iTues content to be played on the device. The updated (black) version will be a wireless install to a jailbroken second-generation Apple TV. Once installed, a "Maintenance" item will be added to the Apple TV menu system which will allow content and - most importantly - other apps to be streamed to the unit.

    The Installer is said to be almost complete, at 95% according to the FireCode guys. is at 85% and the "Couch Surfer" browser is further behind at 65%, with basic functionality already working but more support for web plugins needed. Support for video codecs and NAS streaming is still a work in progress at 15%, and will not make it into the beta. FireCore says they're working with "outside developers" to help them along.

    The beta may be available as early as next week, so if you have a "black" Apple TV, it's not too early to get signed up and possibly preorder a copy. The availability of a common way of streaming apps to the Apple TV will really jumpstart development of jailbroken apps for the device.

    Source: 9to5Mac

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    time to buy me an apple tv

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    This was posted on engadget over 2 hours ago... Interesting though.

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    I got a ROKU "xds" for the Wifey but I may move it to the bedroom if aTV will stream MKVs with good quality. We shall see.

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    How do you use the Internet with the remote. If so that sucks. Need a keyboard some how.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vhicke View Post
    How do you use the Internet with the remote. If so that sucks. Need a keyboard some how.
    You can natively use your iphone/ipad/ipod as a keyboard via Makes typing titles and account names much easier in Netflix, YouTube, etc.

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    If it didn't cost half as much as the Apple TV ($50), I would be onboard. I'll wait for other developers to come forth. I have mine jailbroken and have added the weather app already... more will be on the horizon soon enough.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ajo610 View Post
    time to buy me an apple tv
    So true

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    this is cool... but personally i need my atv to stream stuff not to go onto the web...

    im sure I'm not the only one, but when I'm watching tv I either have my laptop or my ipad next to to do some quick surfin
    I don't give a damn about Chuck Norris, Spongebob can grill under water!

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    hm. the apple tv can be jb and its startin to get some decent apps on it. i just mite consider buying one, if the trend continues

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    Not paying $50 for this....Once they update software for apps...There will be made apps that will be better then this....Hope they make it free since the jailbreak they used to add the code was.....

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    if i could do screen sharing with my mac i wouldn't need any other apps
    thats what the atv needs

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    Quote Originally Posted by dale2 View Post
    if i could do screen sharing with my mac i wouldn't need any other apps
    thats what the atv needs
    it would be a nice feature but wouldnt be efficient enough
    it has been tried with the iPad(iDisplay in the app store, it allows you to use your iPad as a monitor for your mac) it works wirelessly but it so slow at reacting.

    The appletv would be the same case, it would be better to just buy a 25ft vga cable and a mini display to vga adater and hook it up to your Flat screen (which is what I ended up doing)

    during commercials i switch the source to the VGA component and check MMI and facebook right from the Tv and use iTeleport to control it right from my iPad

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    You guys are very late on this one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ajo610 View Post
    time to buy me an apple tv
    Same here!!!!
    You don't like the iPad because you don't have one!

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    Any News on this?


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