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Thread: All Beatles Songs Now on iTunes

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    The freaking beatles?? WHO CARES....kick rocks apple!

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    Blah blah blah... this is 2010 not many people care about Beatles on iTunes. Just another day I'll forget...

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    Default Coal for christmas
    yea lesson learned because this was like getting coal for christmas, I mean hell apple really all that hype for the Beatles okay okay yes they are great and they are on my iTunes but come on really especially with the holidays here and all this money and Ipad this Ipad that and Iphone this and that, and we wait and wait and BAM Beatles. Lesson Learned never getting excited again. Thanks for Once not impressing me. good for you on settling the lawsuit.

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    I'm a bit disappointed...

    to bad I already have the beatles box...

    One big massive announcement caused the stock price to fall by 2$ until now...
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    I dont hate the beatles but I dont give a **** about this... just want the damn 4.1 unlock already

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    I can't believe I stayed awake for this. I'm not even a Beatles fan.

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    That was the news? Who gives a S*&T!

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    This is ridiculous! Trying to divert people's attention from the flop of iOS 4.2?

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    Are you effing kidding me?? What a letdown Apple. I'm so glad you used the "power" of your entire main page to entice everyone into checking this morning about the EFFING BEATLES.

    If I didn't love your products so much... lol

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    Is that is , apple had us by the seat if our pants

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    Woooo big fat hairy deal!!!! Like everyone in the world does not already own 14 copies of all their stuff anyway!!

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    Huzzah! Today is a great day!! Beatles baby!!

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    I love how everyone is disappointed! lol

    Don't you think that everyone who want's all The Beatles songs, at this point in the iPod's career, has them on their device already?

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    Ok so apples big announcement is the beatles. Here is my question though....who exactly was the announcement for?.....because they may be in many of peoples opinion a good band and whatever but I think they are not worth the hype. I would have much rather seen a dollar off coupon to the dollar store opposed to this. I mean if your some free love and peace beatles groupie good for you and congrats on being able to get something that you have been able to get for a long time now but for me it's a wasted marketing ploy and they certainly could have come out with something better.

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    Already forgotten. Not my thing as I wasn't around when everyone was crazy about them.

    £125 for the box set. Too much and I'd use other ways to obtain the songs at no cost >_<
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    WHAT???? BEATLES??? snore...... zzzzz

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    This is ********, who doesn't already have the beetles songs? Oh yeh people who font like the beatles.. I don't see why there is all this hype at all..

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    Quote Originally Posted by discostar View Post
    I love how everyone is disappointed! lol

    Don't you think that everyone who want's all The Beatles songs, at this point in the iPod's career, has them on their device already?
    Am I really the only one who doesn't?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wldwsle1976 View Post
    I can't believe I stayed awake for this. I'm not even a Beatles fan.
    How is it to live while dead on the inside? I'm honestly a little taken aback at the "shock and outrage" about this.

    Marketing/Hype? It was a one page update the day before. Nowhere else they announced or mentioned it. The blogosphere (god I hate this word) like always took something relatively minor and ran it into the ground much like everything Apple related.

    The Beatles on iTunes has been something a lot of us have always wanted for years now. Yes, you have been able to get the CDs for years now but that's not the point. The Beatles are one of the most iconic bands in music history. Their music not being on the biggest digital music story was an obvious omission. This could also push for other bands (ACDC as already mentioned) to bring their music to the digital age.

    And seriously, it's The Beatles! They changed and re-invented music forever. A lot of people don't really pick up on it, but look back at all their albums and music. They were only around for 10 years. A single decade! In 10 years (7 really if you want to nitpick) they created and brought so much to music when other bands stale and go their whole lives doing the same thing over and over and over.
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