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Thread: Keynote Streaming Coming Soon to Apple TV

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    Default Keynote Streaming Coming Soon to Apple TV

    Steve Jobs seems to be answering an awful lot of his own email lately. As the iOS is about to receive another update, Airplay streaming is one of the most eagerly anticipated new features coming to version 4.2. Using Airplay, users will be able to stream music, video and pictures to the newly revamped Apple TV. But what about other apps, will they get to stream content to the Apple TV as well?

    A man named Jared contacted Steve Jobs via email and asked him just this sort of question. Jared wrote, “Will the new Apple TV accept keynote presentation via iOS device or a Mac? If it will, I will go buy two at an apple store tonight.” Steve quickly responded saying, “It’s all coming soon. Stay tuned.”

    Staying true to form, Steve Jobs answers the question as briefly as possible. With these six little words, he is able to skillfully keep everyone interested, while at the same time committing to nothing. The email does appear to be a genuine response from the man himself. Unfortunately, Steve didn’t reply to this email from his iPad.

    The iOS 4.2 update hasn’t even been released yet and already people are clamoring for more features. I just picked up an Apple TV myself a couple of days ago and even though I am quite happy with it, I still look forward to it being able to do more. So, how many more days are left in November anyway?

    Source: TUAW

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    This looks interesting.

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    I may have to buy an apple tv now, the features look more enticing as of now.

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    Won't be necessary for anyone with an iDevice, since they can just stream it from their iDevice with AirPlay.
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    Keynote streaming! Put me in line! {sarcasm}

    (yes I am aware this is more than that, which is why I found the title odd)
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    That's steve for u

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    Quickly?? A quick respond to me is maybe an hour or so. Jobs replied after almost 24hrs..not so quick, haha maybe it is for such a "busy" guy.
    Just stating something lol

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    I would actually like to see Mr Jobs' keynotes delivered through Apple TV, that would be pretty sweet!!

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    dang!! the picture almost looks real!

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    this will be cool
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