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Thread: Still No iDevices at Gates' House

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gajet View Post
    pointless, of course the Gates' don't use Apple. Imagine the ridicule if Steve Jobs answered a call on his 'Blackberry'. We'd never hear the end of it.
    or even worse, on a kin
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    Although it's horrible not letting their kids have Apple products or even having them in the house at all, you have to think of it from a media perspective, if the press snapped some pics of the Gates kids with Apple products with the headlines would probably read something like (Gates family ditch Microsoft's products for Apple's) and that would not be good for them.

    Quote Originally Posted by pReDiTuR View Post
    Maybe if Bill would allow Apple in his household he'd realize how much better the quality is over Microsoft. Not saying Apple is the best ever, but Microsoft could learn a few things.
    I remember a while ago that there was a survey that lots of Microsoft employees had iPhones and I am sure that the people at Microsoft regularly get Apple products in their buildings to gain knowledge of other products and how they work to try to better their own products but I don't think it's worked yet for them.
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    I like Bills posture in this, leaning away from Steve like he's waiting for a punch.

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    If I was bills kid and he handed me an htc hd2 w/ windows mobile id away from home and live in a hobo community where I would be hungry and roam the streets and most likely get hooked on crack and lose all my front teeth by the time I'm 20, but at have my iphone.....

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    his kids have iPods hidden under the bed. gates found an iTunes installes on one of his kids laptobs and freaked. called them on the phone, and heard the iphone rigntone going off in the bathroom.

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    Based purely on fiscal ability Microsoft couldn't buy Apple but Bill Gates could buy Steve Jobs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jbardi View Post
    You idiot! You actually think there is another company out there that makes phones exclusively for rich kids? That iPhone, Android and Blackberry are the poor mans phone? There ARE no other phones to buy and there ARE no other computer manufactures you moron.

    Finally, Bill Gates does not run Microsoft anymore. Fat ***** Balmer is running things into the ground now, do Gates needs to get over it. He is not married to Microsoft anymore.
    As a matter of fact there are plenty of, what are called, "luxury" phones in American, European and Asian markets that are made specifically for the richest people in the world and have very little to no presence in the American consumer cell phone industry. Even compared to the phones currently on the market in Europe and Asia, those offered from the big 4 American networks are considered years behind in technological advancement and development from a global perspective. Many phones such as the most recent US HTC phones for example were pushed to market years ago in Europe and Asia, and are just now hitting American soil with carrier subsidization. However, even though a lot of phones might take a while to hit US carriers, or may even never hit American markets at all, they are still available to American consumers looking to spend a pretty penny on a nice *** phone. Unlocked versions of some of some of the nicest "luxury" phones on the market, such as those designed and manufactured by Vertu, Porsche Design, Ferrari, Prada, Georgio Armani etc can run upwards of $1000/phone and are only made and marketed for the wealthiest people who can afford the most extravagant phones available today. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if the Gates family is cruising around with some seriously sick phones that most people don't even know exist
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    Ok, I understand that Billy doesn't want his kids playing with iPods....since Microsoft makes that lame excuse of an MP3 player...what was it called again?...Zoom?...(lol, I know it's Zune). But Microsoft doesn't make computers...They could buy a couple of Macbook Pros and install Windows using BootCamp and slap an "I <3 Microsoft" sticker over the Apple logo...This is just a publicity stunt. Besides, WHO CARES?...If you like Apple buy their products, if you don't, don't buy them...and that's it.
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    no wonder why he is so rich, he pays 1000 dollars for a more powerful computer, instead of 2000 for a less powerful one...

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    Why would they be pressured to by a macbook pro or something? They can get fancier PC laptops out there (check out Sony's Z series for example). Apple is definitely not top of the line for desktop computers or laptops, although their prices may be inflated and they have no other iOS competition and they restrict and control everything.

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    Bill gates is so rich he can built his own super laptop or computer or anything he wants. Why would he limit himself to an Apple product that's restricted to specific features? Hell he probably has his own team of engineers making a product that borrows the best from Apple, or maybe a modified iPhone to his personal taste.
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    What the... a $4,000 bill from the local Apple Store?!?! (homer simson voice) Doooooh!!!

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    If my dad was the CEO of Ferrari, I wouldn't drive a Lamborghini. I'd take pride in my dad's work, and my dad's competitors would become my competitors.

    I doubt Gates' kids want apple products, not only because there are good alternatives out there, but they take pride in their dad's company.

    Quote Originally Posted by babyblue_pimp View Post
    A. At this point Microsoft couldn't even buy out apple.*

    But more importantly, If you owned Ferrari, there's absolutely no possible way you or your family would be represented by a competitors product. You couldn't have your kids driving around lamborginis, it just wouldn't be respectful to the familys product/name. *It doesn't matter which product is better, when your name represents a company, you and everyone in your family is a representative.

    Plus I'm sure with millions of dollars in their checking accounts, I highly doubt the gates kids are sad about not having an iPod.
    dang, I just noticed your comparison.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sziklassy View Post
    Has anyone ever thought about the fact that maybe the Gates family disapproves of the closed environment in which Apple operates? I have a friend who refuses to buy Apple products for that reason alone. It has nothing to do with the products. Hell, I am thinking about going with something other than an iPhone on my next upgrade simply for this reason as well.
    My HDTV is a closed environment piece of technology, so if I take your "friends" position I would never buy almost anything. My toaster is a closed technology toaster, DAMN YOU SUNBEAM!!

    Give me a break. These people don't buy Apple products for their kids because they are small minded just like the haters that troll these forums. It wouldn't hurt Gates to actually experience what a well designed product actually feels like. No wonder MS are falling behind.

    It was funny a couple of years ago MS staff were busted using iPhones inside cases to camouflage their appearance. Now that's anal.

    Pixar (a company owned in part by Jobs) uses PC's as well as Apple hardware. They don't seem to have a problem.

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    Gates doesn't want a Mac because it reminds him of what he stole 20 years ago and then completely screwed up over the years.

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    I don't think it has anything to do with him just hating apple or being jealous..

    It's most likely the media.. Could you imagine the media **** storm that would happen when someone snaps a pic of his wife or kid pulling out an iPhone.. You would see headlines like "even the gates family thinks apple is better"

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    maybe there's no ps3 at the house too i bet

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    Default Apple
    Im sure his kids allready have the best windows products anyway.

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    Yes we know about Vertu and the others but have you actually used a Vertu? Vertus in case you weren't aware are actually Nokias. Furthermore they aren't technically smartphones and while they have excellent aesthetics they have crappy user interfaces, small screens, etc. I could go on and on about the main reasons they are so expensive are that they are mostly hand made, limited in production, have much more fancy exteriors with extensive use of leather, titanium, carbon fiber, etc. in the phone body. In reality they look nice but don't perform. You can't compare them to an actual Ferrari that is expensive, looks nice, and does perform.

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    I know this sounds ignorant of me but I always felt that Bill was such a dork! I couldn't believe it when he got married... I feel sorry for his kids and wife!

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