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I've never used iTunes for anything other than syncing my music to my iPhone; Windows Media Player does a much better job of organizing my music and recognizing meta-data, not to mention that iTunes sticks out like a sore thumb on a Windows installation. Now with this pretty much doomed-to-fail "Social Network" that Apple's pushing, I'm glad I stayed away.
Yeah I don't really use iTunes much, let alone social services :P (Good thing I don't!) :P. Thanks Essany, I'll spread the word to my friends (not that I expect them to click scam/spamulous ads like this). I only use iTunes for syncing too (though, more like "sinking" crap), but I hate how using iTunes on the PC encrypts all your music stupidly like how it is in the iPhs internals (W[Stupid#].mp3 &c). I had to transfer all of my music to the PS3 via Upnpserver and then back to the PC via flash drive to unencypt the stupid Apple iTunes library and get <b>real<b> filenames. Or I am just being a n00b because there might be a better way?

Now, the real question is: is Ping the "king of spam" or "the king of scam"?