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Thread: Magic Trackpad? FCC Approves Mystery Device

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    Quote Originally Posted by dale2 View Post
    Have you ever used one of apple's trackpads? the new ones with the integrated button
    you would be surprised how amazing it makes the trackpad feel
    i even hate getting on an older macbook that still has a button near your thumb
    Have you ever used an iPad? There's nothing even remotely "magical" about it.

    Don't get me wrong, I like my iPad. But before it was jailbroken it was nothing more than a giant iPod Touch.

    Quote Originally Posted by dale2 View Post
    i use a miniDisplay to HDMI adapter to watch movies on my 40" tv, one of these would eliminate the need for a mouse i have to use while i sit on my couch.
    That's what a remote is for, and Apple already makes one of those.

    Quote Originally Posted by dale2 View Post
    when using photoshop or other mouse intensive tasks(solitaire lol), it would be convenient to be able to use the trackpad in any position you wanted, instead of the sometimes awkward angle the built in trackpad has
    Photoshop is a pain to use with any trackpad, and there is already something much better to use. Wacom has been making high-quality digitizers for several years and I highly doubt Apple would even come close to beating them in quality and functionality. Apple will find a way to make it do only what they expect you to do with it, and it'll be lacking something that everyone wants as usual.

    What I consider "mouse intensive" would not be solitaire but rather a first-person shooter. Good luck with that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiger92 View Post
    This was just released on Apple's website. Apple - Magic Trackpad - The Multi-Touch trackpad for your desktop. $69
    Heh, what a rip. $69 for a giant, clicking trackpad. Unfortunately, it's exactly what I expected it to be.

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