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Thread: Steve Jobs Hates Google's Video Format (Surprise)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ilovewindows&iphone View Post
    man this getting way to

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    Remind me to send you a thanks when I get home!

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    So Steve hates Flash because it's closed-source but is totally against a completely open format? What a hypocrite, he'd rather shove a standard down our throat that forces people to pay him royalty fees, as opposed to letting people use a widely used and accepted format free of charge purely because Flash isn't open source, a fact that hasn't stifled billions of Flash movies/games/applets/etc. from being created.

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    Remind me to send you a thanks when I get home!

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    Someone needs to hand Steve:
    1) A tissue.
    2) Some social skills.

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    Quote Originally Posted by adp View Post
    The evolution of Steve Jobs...

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    Am I the only one (besides Steve Jobs) that realizes that MPEG-LA is going to renew it's stance of on free internet use of H.264. The very fact that Google is trying to destroy that format shows they haven't any choice to continue the status quo. I only see this hurting Opera and Mozilla. No one else. In fact, it doesn't even hurt them because they can tap into the H.264 decoders already licensed by the OS (windows or osx) they are running on. Okay. What's the problem? This new format is just opening the doors for lawsuits. I, as a consumer, don't want to pick up new hardware just to use a new format that might not last. Current hardware will need to use software to decode any WebM material. That wastes battery life on mobile devices.

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    I read some place else that this format will not be royality free forever. So it will eventually be in the same place as h.264.

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    Jobs is a ******

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    I don't see how anyone can argue the validity of Steve's "Thoughts On Flash" Now I understand that they are a behemoth, but come on. Jobs saved Apple from who knows what. "Bad Time For Apple" I'd prefer not to install plugins for web content. I also want all the great content on my iPhone. *HTML5*
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mes View Post
    Steve is acting on behalf of money. Plain and simple. The clearest way to get money is to control the market. Some claim it's 'best for consumers' but this excuse is just a rouge! It's always been about the money! All other reasons are spins and hypes to hide the real truth. Money today, more money tomorrow, and much more money in the future. This is Apples goal!

    This is all companies goal. Nothing wrong with it . The hard part is selecting the honorable ones amongst the abyss (haha
    That doesn't make sense. If it was all about the money, why would he make overpriced products that lack functionality that everyone wants? If it was all about the money, he would cave to pressure and give everyone what they wanted. If it was all about the money, he would run his company quite differently.

    I truly believe that Steve Jobs has a vision (yeah, big word there). He believes that all his products should be absolutely problem free and run smooth under any circumstances. This explains why there's hasn't been any multitasking for example. Multitasking might be possible to run, but it also has the risk of slowing the phone down and I believe Steve has no tolerance for that. He wants a perfect user experience at all times.

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    This guy doesn't handle competition well. Or, maybe he does?

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    just let android 2.2 with flash 10.1 rule for a long time until apple creates their own standard...i dont see their standard coming anytime soon.

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