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Thread: Adobe CEO Dismisses Steve Jobs's Insults as "Amusing"

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    then why are you on this site?

    Quote Originally Posted by unoimkll View Post
    Anyone who uses the term crashes in an argument cant use a computer and has no right presenting their argument further!
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    Quote Originally Posted by virtusaeterna View Post
    Woah, woah, woah. Calm down man.

    Of course you're right. The saying "buyer beware" is applicable to all products.

    But we're talking about the next gen iPhone here. I bought my 3G and 3GS fully aware that it would not do flash. Why? It was already made that way.
    But this next gen iPhone we're talking about here is still in development, or at least that's what I'm assuming. Of course, Apple can do and say whatever they want because this is their product. However right now it is still being worked on; there IS room for it to add flash. Apple just decides not to, for whatever reasons they have, some of which are most likely very legitimate reasons.

    And I'm assuming you read my post and got pissed off, seeing as I was the only one who stated this.

    You really need to read more. I was trying hard to be unbiased to prevent people like you from posting crazy angry hateful rant posts. Obviously I dropped the ball there.
    Like I stated above, I was talking about the next gen iPhone. Not something ALREADY developed. Where did I complain about 3G/3GS lacking Flash support? The way I interpret your post, you are saying that I am currently complaining about how the phone lacks Flash. That is not what I meant to say.
    Because this phone is still in development, there is a possibility (as in they could integrate it, I'm not talking about it's possible for the hardware to handle it) that they could include SOME Flash integration.

    Anyway, if you had not noticed, I was trying to say I was unbiased. I honestly do think that they should leave it up to consumers. If someone develops an app that somehow allows Flash on the iPhone, so be it. But Apple has put the foot down and will disallow any Flash things in the App Store.

    "your device you can do what you want with it"
    Yes, that is absolutely true. Perhaps someone WILL (if they have not already) run with the idea and make Flash work.
    But let's say it's an app.
    Apple does not approve the app.

    I mean it's just going to end up on some Cydia repo anyway, if such an app were to be developed.

    I may have digressed, but what I'm saying is that Apple should allow the consumer to decide whether they want Flash on their phone, be it through an app or what have you.

    Hopefully this post has clarified some of the points I made earlier.

    I surely hope you're not referring to me!
    It wasn't directed to any one person, the message that really made me see red was on mac rumors (but alot of the same is repeated here) where he went on to call the iphone the biggest piece of junk ever, saying if he wants to be slowed down by flash and have a 30 minute battery life then apple should let him choose. People act like iPhones and Flash are written in to the US constitution, you have a choice. No one twisted anyone's arm into buying a phone that didn't support flash.

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    im more interested in video codec support for avi, mkv etc. the only thing keeping me glued to apple is the itunes ipod integration... once chrome os comes out, and if google makes an itunes/wmp competitor... i will def switch to androids platform.

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    lol, jobs just attacked the "Flash" part of adobe. HTML5 is as multiplatform as Flash is

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    I'm getting so tired of the control freaks that run Apple. It's my damn iPhone and if I want to run Flash on it I should be able to. If Steve Jobs doesn't want it on his iPhone then fine, no biggie. But for him to make my decisions for me is a bunch of bullsh*t. Again, Apple is turning into a control freak company and a lot of people are getting tired of it. When I hear Steve Jobs name now I automatically think of Obama and I hate thinking about him!

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    Quote Originally Posted by timmyinpajamas View Post
    Apples dictatorship is getting old .. I think consumers should be able to decide what they want .. Power hungry apple will eventually fall .. If only there was a phone better than the iPhone right now lol I'd switch immediately n tell apple to f themselves
    Exactly. The people saying "Jobs is right" are completely missing that. Perhaps he is right in that Adobe dropped the ball and continues to do so regarding flash development, but he is absolutely not right in telling the users what they can and cannot do. Honestly if flash turns out so bad people will stop using it. Franjly this is an antitrust issue screaming for help. Regardless of the reasoning here, antitrust laws were made so that other companies can't shut others out for reasons like this.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tylervalo View Post
    I'm tired of you ******* certain people ******** 24/7 "waaa! my device, I should be able to choose!" God Damn! Shut the **** UP! You were not born with an iPhone in your hand and Steve Jobs took flash away when you were 12. You bought the device knowing it did not support flash. That's equivalent to you ******** to GM that you bought a Corvette ZR1 and whining it doesn't also have twin turbos. Ok, yea you paid for it, it's your device you can do what you want with it, so stop ******** and ******* make flash work if your that damn concerned.

    For anyone who's normal I apologize for my language, but I've been browsing here waaaaaaayyyyy to long and finally couldn't take the ignorance of some people. I bought my 3G knowing what it could and couldn't do, if I had wanted a video camera and compass I would have got a 3Gs. If you want flash, get an Android.
    When you see a problem in a company's business structure, you complain. The fact that Apple is more and more keeping their users from making choices as appalling, regardless of whether or not people use their devices. Speaking out is the way to get change. Shutting up is being complacent with what you have. If nobody talked and complained about what they DO NOT have, the iPhone (and endless other things) would still be in the stages they were when first released. I counter your argument and say that I am sick of seeing people like you complain at those who want to see change. You weren't born on MMI nor are we forcing you to read our posts. Oh, about the twin turbos? This would be more like complaining to GM that they are BANNING ME from adding twin turbos to the car that I already bought, not that they themselves didn't supply it.
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    Flash is like McDonalds. You may love it, but eating it is a terrible idea all around, despite how many of them you see everywhere.

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    I really hope Adobe puts out a good mobile stand alone Flash player for Android. That will open some eyes to what an "App Store" should be...

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    all i can say is i want flash in Safari i don't want to have to load youtube app to view a video on youtube i want to watch it now in the browser (just like the tit stated no one wants to click adds that take them to safari so why should youtube or flash be different) IMobileCinema doesn't it great needs some work but it does the job and it works for a few web pages.

    now all we need to do is work out how to add more web-pages to it so it works with them all.

    this iphone (3GS) is the last one I'm buying as am fed up with not being able to do bog standard things that a 15 mobile does just cause apple want to control the market and what's on my paid for device (in full i may add 445)

    Apple are monopolizing the market, there are laws in place to stop this but nothing is happening .

    until apple start listening to its customers or we stop buying there damn rip off devices they will keep doing what they do not listening and wanting what they want not what we need so i will continue to JB my iphone till a firmware comes out with quick reply sms and flash in safari that's all i really want lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by imilad View Post
    I really think jobs is right, his comments made me think of how many times my PC froze because I loaded a flash site or video of such sort. I am ready to give up flash for bigger and better things.
    I think this is a mistake many people make in regards to flash; it seems to me, more ofte nthan not, that it isn't flash itself that tends to freeze browsers (usually for a few seconds), but rather the (usually needless) javascript code used to load videos or do other things that may not even be related to the video.

    In nearly any such case I've encountered, disabling JS resulted in the page loading nearly immediately, with little to no blocking, and if it's a flash video player or if it's an interactive SWF usually theres an initial load and then the content plays as it loads (or displays a "loading" animation), neither of which cause any freezing that I recall.

    Again, only things I've seen that block any processing in a browser is JavaScript, and it's quite safe to say that many web-sites outright abuse the hell out of JavaScript. Lord knows there are many poorly written Flash applets out there too (just as there are piis-poor Java Applets as well), and I wouldn't be surprised that some can be slow loading or do other strange things, but for browser blocking, lets please be clear on what the primary cause of that is.
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    In recent Flash news:

    Adobe's repeated delays for Flash are a large part of why smartbooks haven't launched yet, ARM marketing VP Ian Drew said this week. Optimizations needed to make the plugin work have prevented the Lenovo Skylight and similar ARM-based mini notebooks from meeting their original spring targets. The Skylight, for example, now may not ship until July.
    What an absolute joke Adobe is. They make it too easy to point out how terrible flash is when they can't even deliver it on time. For tablets!

    The fact that these product are now being delayed for months means more time for the ipad as the big new toy, dimishing sales for them. Great job, Adobe!

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    Just found this online while surfing on my iPhone.
    Note to advertisers: (including those who advertise via third-party ad networks and become, in effect, our advertisers): Your Flash-based ads are no longer reaching the most well-heeled customers online: 50+ million iPhone owners. They're also not hitting 35+ million iPod touch users or 1+ million brand new iPad users. If you care about reaching people with discretionary income, you might want to consider dumping your flash-based ads and moving to a more open format that people with money and the will to spend it can actually see.

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