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Thread: Vision of a Mouseless Desktop: Meet 10/GUI

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    Default GUI 10?! Hmmmm
    Im not gonna lie and say that wouldn't take some getting used to, but I do believe it really could raise productivity exponentially after a learning curve. Im really excited about this and REALLY hopes it becomes a reality.... Unless if something else comes up..

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    i think i just peed

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    It would have major limitations on laptops. Because if you included this, you would need space for a keyboard and the 10/GUI touchpad, therefore ruining the laptops versatility and portability.

    Also, once again a break through is making my 2003 Dell 4600i Desktop look ancient...

    Unless of course they integrated the keyboard in the touchpad, then they would just need to make sure they included Haptic Feedback for ease of typing.

    Unless of course they integrated the keyboard in the touchpad, then they would just need to make sure they included Haptic Feedback for ease of typing.
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    This is simply amazing, i would really like to see something like this in the near future...

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    Simply Awesome!!! Cant Wait!!!

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    This is the future. Our physical interface with computers is going to change very quickly in the coming years...

    BTW, if anyone can help with this it would be greatly appreciated...
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    This is getting a lil' ridiculous...

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    I'm actually using this
    and as you can see the mousepad really takes up minimal space.
    It'd be amazing for all that palm rest area to be a single touchable surface. Yes its a whopping 18.4 incher and it runs Leopard beautifully for those who care.

    I can't wait until something like whats presented here becomes mainstay, but IMHO it won't be any time soon like some poster's have suggested. Although I do think now would be key time for some total new comer to the computing world to offer a new product like this to stand with the likes of MS and Apple. Something like: windows-mac-linux-10gui?4example, just something totally different.

    I also played with using my iPhone to vnc into my comp for a while but it got old after bout a week and not real condusive to typing at all, was only really usefully for media playback otherwise I could do things like "web browsing" for example much easier by actually using the comp (or phone itself for that matter). It looks cool atfirst but gets old fast.
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    Welcome future! Great stuff.

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    This is good.. let apple have its way with it and it will be great.
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    That would be pretty strange to operate IMO.
    Having to operate a large multi touch track pad while you stare at some tots on the screen... i dunno.
    Also requiring to keep you finger tips lightly touching cold also be an issue in accidentally selecting something.
    What about precision... and typing
    All look to be very impractical.

    I think I would feel a lot more separated from my computer using this method than operating a direct touch screen

    Obstruction is not really an issue and neck strain... well adjust the way you sit.

    Is still thing that a large iPhone like screen in place of the keyboard would be best.

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    Default Impressed!
    Can you imagine this thing in a laptop, touchpad only (no keyboard) with a new generation thin OLED display.

    It would make the Macbook Air look positively BEEFY by comparison
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    Sounds (and looks) very interesting.

    I'll definitly be keeping an eye on this!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by one1 View Post
    Yeah that's the first thing I thought of too when I saw this, I think his idea incorporates the entire desktop being built around the touch interface though. Seems like it would take a while to get used to, and maybe more money to buy.
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