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Thread: Another Bizarre Legal Battle to Distract Apple

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    Quote Originally Posted by imode View Post
    This is not what it appears to be... Woolworths registered a new trade mark and Apple is required to defend their own. That's the way it works in Australia. There is no lawsuit. Any companies that have similar trade marks are allowed to object during a waiting period
    This is true about Aussie Law. But seriously why is Apple even bothering to contest it?

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    what a waste of time
    cant apple think of anything better to do..
    maybe idk.. say an iTablet or something
    a new iMac or Mac Mini maybe?

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    it would be understandable if the company were also in the music industry, but its a supermarket chain with a logo of an apple that is quite different than Apple's

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    Quote Originally Posted by szr View Post
    I've heard plenty of arguements over the years that some companies shouldn't be allowed to gow too large (after all, isn't this the purpose of anti-trust laws?), and I feel forced to wonder if Apple hasn't reached that point - to big for their own good?
    They're certainly too big for OUR good.

    I find it really hard to believe that such a low number of people jailbreak the iPhone (10% on the highest of surveys) considering being able to jailbreak is the only reason I ever bought one. It's still the only Apple product I own, because there's nothing more I despise than being one of the many. I want customization, bottom line, and I can't even change my homescreen wallpaper without jailbreaking this phone. "Think Different"? The lies begin right on their logo.

    I would think the more that Apple fights software, fights VoIP, fights jailbreaking, the more they're just directly fighting their customers. I don't know why you people take it but I won't, and never have. The day OSX will run on anything I want to throw it on, namely my existing (and badass) PC hardware, I'll give it a go. Until then, f- off with the rules on what I can use my hardware for. Also f- off with the rules on what I can use your software on. The more you loosen up, the more customers you'll gain, which is why MS is as big as it is. They may not do everything right, but the LAST thing they'll do is restrict you from doing what you want.

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    Quote Originally Posted by reanimationxp View Post
    They're certainly too big for OUR good.
    reanimationxp, sir, I fully agree with everything you said. This need for complete and utter control of everything is a clinical disease, an obsession.

    I still find it ultimately ironic, though, how thier 1984 commercial essentially preached against being conformist, with little or no sense of individuality, imposed by a central overload, when that is exactly waht they have become.

    If Apple today was the same one we saw in 1984, I would think they would be pushing many of the customizations and addons that we can only obtain via jail breaking, rather than pushing any restriction they see fit.

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    you're probably right

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    Quote Originally Posted by petterloco1 View Post
    Too late lol
    Any why did you dig up a 2 year old thread?

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