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Thread: Apple I to Go Up On eBay Next Week

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    Quote Originally Posted by eortizr View Post
    thats a totally useless piece of equipment. Will not pay even for the shipping. The only ones interested on this will be Apple fanboys w/ money to spend and bragging rights.
    ...and your point is?

    This is an awesome piece of computer history. It came out in a time when you had to actually know what you were doing with a computer. None of this point and click GUI nonesense.

    In many cases, I miss the days when you actually had to know command line parameters, where you could go onto a BBS and chat with some other computer people who were more concerned about using the boards to convey information as opposed to going "FIRST" "FIRST" "FIRST" all the time...

    Back in the day when a person would actually take into consideration what they were going to say as opposed to joining a forum, making some drive by comment and never hearing from them again.

    Back when there were no browsers or bloat or adspace, when the collective network of computers was actually used to convey information...

    Back when you didn't have stupid idiotic children (of all ages) installing tons of useless B$ software and having 20 toolbar addons and then looking at you profoundly stupid eyed when they couldn't figure out why their "internets" ran so slow.


    And in this particular case, when Apple really was all about homebrew, and letting users do whatever they wanted with the computer cause it was cool...

    If IBM was Big Blue, then Apple is now Big Grey...
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    and my point still the same, is a useless piece of equipment, you can't do anything withit. Just hang it on the wall...
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    Looks like it would be a great investment. I'm sure it will go for a huge amount of money.
    Thats like owning the one of the first wheels ever produced, or cars, or anything that completely changed the world.

    and if you think thats worthless you shouldn't have a computer. lol j/p

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    So my point still valid, 'is a usless piece of equipment' you can not do anything w/ that piece of electronic. just hang it on a wall or something is just memorabilia. I'll say the same if someone were selling a Kenback-1.

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    I think you could make a kick *** lamp or coaster set out of this
    This is getting a lil' ridiculous...

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    $4.99 the value is said to be very steep! look it up on

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    never heard of it

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