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Thread: New iMacs, MacBooks coming?

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    Quote Originally Posted by A.T View Post
    Awww man, I just got my MBP recently!!
    Same boat, my wife just returned from the USA, last Thursday she picked me up a new MBP 15",Isn't it always the way!!

    But I'm extremely happy with, $1000.00 cheaper is the US than in Oz, plus even get the tax back when she left the US.

    Guess i cant complain

    Also bought a new iMac 24' in July!
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    Quote Originally Posted by zatpgw View Post
    30" display, Blu-ray, External display support, extra firewire, look more like the display, float in mid air without a stand, touch screen, thought sensor, quad core, free porn

    LOL I love the free porn idea as well!

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    It's time for an iMac refresh so I see that happening. I LOVE my aluminum iMac so it doesn't matter a bit that it is going to be 2 yrs old not too long from now. I have no need to upgrade, it does everything really well. I'll never need more then 4gb of ram and the HD can go as big as I want so with 2.4ghz processor it does just fine. I'm a "gotta be first to have it" guy too so I KNOW I love my iMac.......

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    I just need to get one already... Im tired of the hackintosh route... start saving pennies...
    This is getting a lil' ridiculous...

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    damn i just bought a iMac 24" today.

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    I was already to buy an iMac Thursday morning till I read this post and now I am torn between waiting or saying "ahh what the hell", but I know that I will regret it as they will put a better GFX card in. Now I have to decide how long to wait..

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    I hope they announce a new iMac too

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    Quote Originally Posted by s4mb4 View Post
    buy when ever you feel like it and be happy with your purchase.
    True. First Mac I bought was an iBook G4 then a few weeks later the MacBook dropped. At first I was pissed but I love my iBook so I got over it pretty quick. Plus I have 4 friends with MacBooks and all had problems. One had the HD die in the first year. Luckily I've had my iBook for almost 4.5 years and not one single issue so I'm thinking things work out for the best.

    BUT I will definitely do my research this time.. I really don't want to buy another laptop and then in a few weeks a brand new version drop again. I love my iBook but lately I've been running into issues with having a non Intel Mac so I'm thinking its finally time to think about upgrading.
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    wow i just got my iMac in august.
    nows its technically outdated

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    i sold my imac 20 inch last week and got the new 24 inch so if i hear anything in the next 14 days about a date of the new one coming out im bringing the 24 inch back

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