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Thread: Rumors and Guesses Galore: What's Ahead for Apple Today?

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    Default Rumors and Guesses Galore: What's Ahead for Apple Today?

    Image via BusinessWeek

    Finally, the madness will come to an end today. After days and weeks of maddening speculation about the many things Apple "could" say or do at their annual media event, the wait to find out exactly what the tech pioneer has in store concludes today.

    Of course, that means there are still a few more hours remaining for frantic guesswork. And, as always, I'm more than willing to participate.

    Like many Apple fans, I have my handy-dandy scorecard ready to fill out as the Apple event unfolds. Comparing my predictions with the actual announcements is an annual tradition. Although I usually get average marks, some say this year's likely announcements are so obvious that guessing what's in store is easier than cheating on an exam.

    According to PC World:

    This time around, Apple is rumored to be adding cameras to its iPod classic and touch models. Whether that's a good idea or not is an interesting question, but it would add a new dimension to Apple's media players. However, some reports claim that Apple has had technical problems during testing and may not release such products on Wednesday.
    Although an upgrade to Apple's iTunes store is a strong contender for possible announcements today, I'm reluctant but optimistic that Apple could very well unveil a new and more affordable MacBook. Since Apple traditionally uses their September event to usher in the holiday shopping season, what could possibly be a cooler gift (for someone else or for yourself) even during a relatively bleak economic climate? While others are seemingly more distracted by the likelihood of a "refreshed Apple TV," I think a new MacBook could steal the show this morning.

    Then again, today's Apple event could ultimately be better remembered for what it takes away than what it provides.

    Wednesday could also be notable for products that get discontinued--specifically the iPod classic. After last year's iPod unveiling left the 120GB music device as the last hard drive-based player in Apple's lineup, the classic's days appeared numbered.
    Finally, the next major rumor is that the Beatles will finally hit the iTunes Store. Although this speculation is by no means new or original, this could be the year fans get what they want. Today, after all, coincides with the release of the band's remastered catalog.

    Indeed, there are many possibilities and very few certainties. And in only a few hours (at 10 a.m. PDT, in fact) we can begin separating fact from fiction.

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    Second apparently !
    Excited to see a new, cheaper MacBook and Mac Tablet.
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    Not first lol...I know the feeling of being first...I hope to see a Mac Tablet that a has a multitouch surface. I the do kill the classic I hope we will see something else with 120/240GB as far as that goes.

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    Grow up with the "first" comments!! NOBODY CARES! If I had a nickel for every time I was a "first" I'd be rich....

    iTablet iTablet iTablet!!! Pleaseeeeee
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    Im hoping a tablet as well, fingers crossed!!

    +1 on the first comments - What are you 5
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    yeah seriuosly first? pff don't you know that fifth is the new first? and i'm fifth muahaha :P alright jsut kidding but seriously tablet would be awesome though i don't see that being too successful the first time around not in how much they sell but how good it'll be though i think they'll fix it up real nice like really fast if they do release one.

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    well im holding off on buying my macbook pro till tomz just incase they annouce anything today

    Like A Boss

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    Default 8th .........
    I'm 8th woot!

    Actually SirTimothy1 you are second. The poster is always first! That's why there is a 1 in the top right corner of his post.
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    9th *******!!! lol j/k

    but yea man mac tablet would be sweet. espicially since i have to go pick up a new phone today at the apple store..

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    i hate to see the classic go, feels like the end of an era or something

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    please no new macbook pro.. i just brought the new 15" 2.8ghz 1month ago :@

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    I'll never get why some people get so upset when someone else posts "first".

    Back on topic, I don't know what to expect. I do hope the $199/299/399 16/32/64GB iPod touch with a camera and mic rumors are true. Then my bro will get one.
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    and i still don't care about the "itablet" thing, it just looks like a crippled macbook air! I already own a iphone 3gs and a macbook pro, it would be no use for me

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    I'm kinda well off on everything right now. [I never thought I'd hear myself say] I'm just looking forward to a pleasant surprise or two.

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    the tablet is legit but won't be released today maybe announced. If the ipod has the same old crap scratchy backplate im gonna be pissed

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    Quote Originally Posted by reveritt90 View Post
    i hate to see the classic go, feels like the end of an era or something
    I would be sad too. I still rock my old 30gig classic w/video...I have 2 of them actually. Although something of a smaller version of it with a 120gig HD in it would be nice. If it's discontinued it better be replaced!

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    ^I was pissed about how back my 2G touch looked very soon after having it, even with a case.^

    I just want it over with so i can covet something else in the Apple lineup.
    This is getting a lil' ridiculous...

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    Quote Originally Posted by metaljay View Post
    well im holding off on buying my macbook pro till tomz just incase they annouce anything today

    Lol, I'm sure you made a thread on another forum() asking which MacBook to buy.
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    i really want to see what they do with next summers iphone
    name? looks? improvements? will it look the same like the 3g/3gs? complete redesign? capacity?

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    Quote Originally Posted by zerobrand View Post
    please no new macbook pro.. i just brought the new 15" 2.8ghz 1month ago :@
    Yeah! ME 2!!! please no macbook pro! i want an updated apple tv!

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